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[K.S.Work Powerful] Vibration-proof gloves

[Typical applications] Civil engineering, construction, logging, operation of heavy equipment, press work, etc.

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  • 103-08
ISO 10819、JIS T8114 Anti-vibration super gloves Meeting ISO/New JIS standards

Anti-vibration super gloves SUPER GLOVE 103-08

♦Color / Black+Blue-gray
♦Size /
M (h)265mm×(w)125mm
L (h)270mm×(w)130mm
♦Material /
Glove body:Cowhide grain leather, Sleeve area:Cowhide split leather,
Inside:Special shock-absorbing foam rubber and bamboo charcoal fiber (for absorbing the odor of sweat)

[ Application range and features ]
These gloves reduce the vibrations that are transmitted from tools and machines to the operator’s hands in industrial workplaces such as mining (rock drills and grinders), forestry (chain saws and bush cutters), agriculture, civil engineering, construction and manufacturing.
[ Vibration control performance evaluation test ]
This product achieved compatible values for vibration control performance in both middle (M) and high (H) ranges based on ISO 10819/New JIS T8114 “Mechanical vibration and shock - Hand-arm vibration - Method for the measurement and evaluation of vibration transmissibility of gloves at the palm of the hand.”
Compatible value
for vibration control
Vibration transmissibility
of 103-08
TRM Middle range(M) < 1.0 TRM = 0.905
TRH High range(H) < 0.6 TRH = 0.486
* According to the measurements conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Japan.
- These gloves are intended to reduce vibrations, but do not eliminate the risk of exposure to vibrations. Please carefully consider the user's physical condition, heat retention and working hours, etc. and refrain from the use of this product if the user feels ill.