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[K.S.Work Other] Flame-retardant protective equipment

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“KYNEX,” which contains aramid fiber, delivers excellent flame-retardant performance to protect the human body from burn injuries in working environments where sparks may come into contact with clothing, such as iron mills and welding sites.

  • KT-370
  • KT-380
  • KT-600
  • KT-910
  • KT-390
  • KT-915
  • KT-500
  • KT-300

KT-370 Jacket

A loose-fitting jacket that can be worn over work clothing.
Available in various sizes.

♦Color / Dark gray
♦Size /
L (length)770mm×(shoulder width)550mm
LL (length)790mm×(shoulder width)570mm
3L (length)810mm×(shoulder width)590mm
4L (length)830mm×(shoulder width)610mm

KT-380 Pants

High-rise pants that can be worn over work pants.
In addition, they are equipped with an adjustable belt to prevent the belt of work pants from becoming an obstruction.
♦Color / Dark gray
♦Size /
L (overall length)1,000mm×(hip width)820mm
LL (overall length)1,030mm×(hip width)860mm
3L (overall length)1,060mm×(hip width)900mm

KT-600 Hood

A wide-flared hood that completely covers the head. Because it protects your face, you can use it with confidence.
♦Color / Dark gray
♦Size / Free

KT-910 Apron

A convenient apron that can be worn over work clothing easily and protects the front of the body.
♦Color / Dark gray
♦Size / Free (h)900mm×(w)550mm

KT-390 Overall apron

A loose-fitting overall apron that allows you to move freely, even while wearing it over work clothing.
It protects the arms and the front of the body.
♦Color / Dark gray
♦Size /
L (length)1,200mm×(dress length)500mm
LL (length)1,200mm×(dress length)560mm

KT-915 Arm cover

Simple protection for the arms. The fastening tape at the wrist allows it to be easily worn.
♦Color / Dark gray
♦Size / Free (h)680mm

KT-500 Aluminum five-fiver gloves

Safe-to-use five-finger gloves that are designed to reflect heat with aluminum
♦Color / Silver
♦Size / Free (h)390mm×(w)135mm

KT-300 Aluminum three-finger gloves

A sister product of the five-finger gloves Safe-to-use three-finger gloves that reflect heat with aluminum
♦Color / Silver
♦Size / Free (h)400mm×(w)145mm

Advantages of "KYNEX"

In addition to jackets and pants, which are principle products and provide advantages such as ease of layering and mobility, we design and manufacture other products by taking full advantage of the performance of this fabric to improve work efficiency.

  • It has a high level of flame retardant and flameproof performance.
  • It is a refractory material that does not melt with heat. It prevents burn injuries caused by melted materials adhering to the skin.
  • Because it is lightweight and flexible, it improves work efficiency.
  • It generates less smoke and toxic gas at the time of combustion (the amount of hydrogen chloride contained in the combustion product gas is lower than the detectable limit).
  • Its flame-retardant performance degrades very little after being washed.
  • Because it has a high level of durability and shrinks very little after being washed, it lasts a long time.
♦Inflammability test "KYNEX" does not catch fire, even if it gets close to flames.



fiber product
♦Inflammability test data <After being washed 50 times>
- Char length (mm): Approximately 4 mm on average
- Flame drop ignitability: N/A
* Performance test standards for flameproof products: Test data based on the vertical methane burner method
♦Decomposition temperature test data Decomposition temperature: 437ºC
♦Inflammability test data Limiting oxygen index (LOI): 34.2