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Corporate Profile

Date of establishment July 1992
Corporate address 17-17 Hinode-higashi-honmachi,
Yamato-takada City, Nara Japan
Company representative Tetsuya Sakamoto, President
Capital Ten million yen
Business aims Manufacture and sale of leather work gloves
and occupational safety protective equipment
Correspondent banks The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.,
The Nanto Bank, Ltd. and The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.

April 1960 Mr. Kaoru Kashida established Kashida Seisakusho at 1275 Oaza-takada, Yamato-takada City, Nara Japan as sole proprietorship and started manufacture and sale of leather work gloves
July 1973 Subcontract factory in Seoul, South Korea started trading
August 1979 New office building completed at present address
March 1984 Commissioned factory in China to start trading with China and to process deals
July 1992 Dissolved Kashida Seisakusho in order to expand business and established Kashida Seisakusho Co., Ltd. with 10 million yen in capital
September 1999 Introduced CAD systems
May 2000 Obtained Japanese Design Registration No. 1080233
July 2000 Obtained Japanese Patent No. 3091740

Name of business

Manufacture and sale of safety protective gear and equipment

Management principles

"Create a future with people in the pursuit of human-friendly products"

We will continue to strive to improve the development of functional products that are safe and reliable.

Summary of Business

[Products and services]

♦ Gloves for general work
We offer products that have a high level of functionality in order to not only ensure the safety and security of hard-working hands, but also to provide comfortable usability and improve work efficiency.
♦ Products for rescue activities
We offer products that enable rescue workers to perform rescue operations safely, quickly and with confidence in situations where a quick response is required, such as rescues and disasters.
♦ Vibration-proof gloves
We offer gloves that are among the few products complying with the new JIS standards (only four companies in Japan) and reduce the impact created during hard work to protect the body.
♦ Gloves for work in refrigerated rooms
We offer gloves that have actually been used on the Antarctic exploration ship “SHIRASE” (since June 2009) and can be used with confidence even in extremely cold climates.
♦ Leather protective equipment
We offer products that have a high level of functionality in order to not only ensure safety and security, but also to provide comfortable usability and improve work efficiency, mainly at jobsites where fire is handled
♦ Canvas protective equipment
We offer products that not only protect the body, but also suit various work site situations and enable users to use them safely and with confidence, such as those made of high-function fiber (aramid fiber) that aim to prevent cutting in situations where knives are used.
♦ Flame-retardant fiber protective equipment
We offer protective equipment that has a high level of flame-retardant performance and protects the body from burn injuries in working environments where sparks may come into contact with clothing, such as iron mills and welding sites.
♦ Custom-made products
With the introduction of CAD and CAM systems – not used by our competitors – we can manufacture products that meet customer needs in a short period, at a low cost and in small lots.