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作業用革手袋・防振手袋と革/難燃繊維/帆布保護具はKASHIDA SEISAKUSHO
Detailed responses to the need for special sizes and other jobsite requirements.
We are prepared to make detailed responses to various needs including special sizes by making full use of our experienced craftsmanship and new technologies.
Making products that meet customer expectations
We actively work on the planning and development of new products that reflect customer demands, following the motto "Making safe and user-friendly products that customers can use with confidence."
Stable supply of products
We have enabled the manufacture of one-of-a-kind products made by our craftsmen domestically, while also establishing a system for the mass production of regular products at subcontract factories abroad. Because we are flexibly able to respond to a wide variety of diversified needs, we assure a stable supply of products.
Reliable quality control and thorough management of historical data
In addition to strict quality control from the perspective of customers, we also carry out thorough management of each customer's historical data so that we can quickly respond to orders.

Vibration-proof gloves, one of the few products that comply with JIS T8114

スーパーグローブ防振 SUPER GLOVE 103-08

Did you know that there are few products made by domestic manufacturers that comply with JIS T8114?

These vibration-proof gloves are one of the conforming products. Once you use them, you will find them essential.

Achieved small lot production and low cost using CAD and CAM

Quickly responding to diversifying needs, we make products that meet any and all demands with our experienced craftsmanship and new technologies.
>> We can also handle the production of custom-made and special-order products.

Product Guide

Gloves for work in refrigerated rooms

Developed for work in cold climates and under terrible conditions such as at temperatures ranging from -30ºC to -50ºC.

Gloves for light electrical and light work

Products made of leather, microfiber or PU suitable for work that requires delicate finger sensitivity

Gloves for general and welding work

Heavy-duty gloves that are used at various jobsites and offered at a wide range of prices

Protective equipment made of flame-retardant material

With “KYNEX,” our unique flame-retardant fiber, we propose greater safety compared to conventional products.

Protective equipment made of leather or canvas

We offer a wide variety of protective equipment according to various applications and needs.

Gloves for women and in special sizes

Owing to the implementation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act for Men and Women, women are entering various workplaces. We have been quick to develop sizes exclusively for women.